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We are not your typical door-to-door security system and alarm monitoring company…

Burglary, arson, and home invasion are all real threats to the residential homeowner. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 2,199,000 burglaries in 2009, making legitimate video surveillance systems and live monitoring services something everyone should consider.

Why does my home need live video monitoring?

Your everyday, run-of-the-mill home security system consists of a few sensors that, if activated, alert a call center that may or may not directly contact your local police department and you. All they know is that a sensor in your home is triggered, which leaves much to be desired in the way of information about the situation.

Our live monitoring solutions are video based and proactive, meaning that our trained technicians become aware of suspicious activity before a crime is committed and can signal deterrents, contact the authorities, inform you, and keep an eye on the perpetrators the whole time. This proactive approach is more efficient and effective; leading to more prevented and solved crimes in residential cases.

How residential live monitoring works

  1. Your home is equipped with a surveillance system
  2. The video security system is tied into our live monitoring facility
  3. A professionally trained monitoring technician is tasked with monitoring your residence during predetermined hours (access is restricted during hours you wish to be restricted)
  4. When a situation occurs that arouses suspicion, the technician immediately takes action to deter any type of forced entry, then contacts the authorities and the contact(s) assigned to that residence.
  5. The technician may use pan-tilt-zoom cameras, if installed, to “follow” the suspicious activity in order to better identify the perpetrator
  6. Recorded video is reviewed for additional details and retained for future reference
  7. VVS live monitoring facility

Secure, anonymous, and capable of monitoring hundreds of homes in real-time, our live monitoring facility is more than capable of actively helping protect your residence 24/7. Our monitoring technicians are trained and industry experienced. When they see suspicious activity, they respond proactively, efficiently and effectively to minimize the damage and loss to your home. You won’t find a better solution as the first line of defense for your home.

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