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Vision Video Security Call 972-304-7900 Residential Installation

Your home deserves the same treatment as our commercial clients; that’s why our engineering and installation teams work with you to design the perfect solution, and then install it with the utmost care and precision. It’s like we were never there, except you end up with a state-of-the-art security and surveillance system that can start protecting your residence the moment it is powered on and configured.

Design and Installation Process

  1. After you have made your inquiry, a Vision Video Security engineer consults with you and discusses your specific needs, depending on the size of residence, the location, potential threat areas, and other variables
  2. A custom solution is designed around your specific needs, budget, and specifications
  3. Camera and equipment location is approved
  4. Installation begins
  5. When installation is completed, equipment is tested and approved
  6. Our technicians provide any necessary training required to operate your equipment
  7. Another home is made that much safer by the Vision Video Security team!