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Vision Video Security Call 972-304-7900 Commercial Installation

Vision Video Security’s team of highly experienced, certified installation technicians have performed numerous installations of small and large security and surveillance systems in every type of commercial property. Whether you are installing a few analog, static CCTV cameras or a full blown pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) system for live monitoring and object recognition, our team will make it happen.

How it works

Our team consults with property owners to decide on the best surveillance system solution for their location, potential threats, and needs

Types of equipment and services are agreed upon, and an entirely custom solution is engineered for that specific commercial property

Placement of cameras, storage devices, and other equipment is assigned location

The installation is scheduled and begins

After installation is complete, all equipment is tested and approved

Monitoring (if applicable) begins, and another commercial property benefits from the security of a world-class security system, installed by top-notch professionals