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Vision Video Security Multi-Family Security System Products Call 972-304-7900

Apartments and other multi-family properties are a big part of the projects we handle at Vision Video Security.

Protecting tenants, keeping crime rates down, and monitoring suspicious activity is a must for property management groups and anyone that owns these types of properties. Vision Video Security has assisted numerous complexes with drastically decreasing unwanted behavior including theft, vandalism, drug dealing, prostitution and other suspicious activity.

Our experience in this industry allows us to have the upper hand when consulting with you on your multi-family surveillance system. We will help you build a custom solution that is right for your property, and you always have the option of adding our multi-family live monitoring, allowing for proactive response to suspicious occurrences.

A few examples of CCTV surveillance systems we have installed for multi-family clients are listed below, all of which can be customized and combined.

8 Camera Multi-Family Security Camera Solution


Features & Benefits

Our Multi-Family security camera systems offer much more than your typical “consumer” solutions that can be bought off the shelf.

As an example, our systems offer remote playback and live viewing of video on mobile devices such as Windows computers, iPhones, iPads, Blackberry devices, Windows Mobile platforms, and Android Devices.

Security cameras included in our packages are high resolution (approximately 1.75 times the resolution of common budget systems) and record at 30 Frames per second each.

What really sets our custom Multi-Family systems apart from the rest is that they offer features such as Privacy Masking, Multiple user IDs and permission levels, missing object detection, and more.

16 Camera Medium to Large Multi-Family Surveillance System

A common 16 camera Multi-Family solution usually consists of the same above equipment, but the PC-based DVR will have additional RAM, more storage space, and a sixteen channel video capture card (rather than 8). The numbers of interior and exterior cameras are both increased with a larger property, and can be customized depending on the project’s needs.

Professional installation and live remote monitoring services are also available for all of our multi-family security systems.

Multi-Family surveillance systems are never alike. Vision Video Security has the experience and expertise to customize the right solution for you. Give us a call today!

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