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Vision Video Security Call 972-304-7900 Commercial Live Monitoring Solutions

Your employees, products, confidential client records, computer systems and other commercial assets are important, and often irreplaceable. Our live video surveillance monitoring service is both a proactive and reactive security solution for your business.

Why live monitoring for your business

Traditionally, surveillance systems rely on recorded video to identify people and objects after a crime has been committed or something has happened. This reactive approach, while successful in some cases, is not nearly as effective as our Live Security System Monitoring.

With our Live Monitoring system, suspicious activity is detected by our highly trained monitoring technicians before the crime is committed giving the involved parties time to react. Our system leads to a much higher rate of solved crimes, some of which never even occur because response time is so minimal.

How live monitoring works in a commercial setting

  1. A video security system is installed at your commercial location
  2. Your surveillance system is tied into our state of the art monitoring facility
  3. A highly trained technician is assigned to monitor your video system
  4. Should suspicious activity occur, our technician immediately contacts the authorities, and the contact(s) listed on the live monitoring contract for your company
  5. If pan-tilt-zoom cameras are in operation, our technician will attempt to “follow” the activity
  6. We review and retain video recordings of the event, should they ever be needed

VVS live monitoring facility

Our live monitoring facility is anonymous, secure, and capable of monitoring hundreds of live security camera and video surveillance feeds at once, around the clock. It is staffed by technicians that are experience in the industry, not just monitor watchers. They are trained to notice subtle suspicious activity and to react quickly and effectively to protect your commercial property.

Other facility features