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Vision Video Security Call 972-304-7900 Live Monitoring Solutions for Multi-Family Living

Apartments and other multi-family living spaces can be a breeding ground for crime, including drugs, prostitution, robbery, burglary, assault, and even human trafficking. Property managers and owners have a responsibility to their tenants to create a safe and crime-free living environment, and live, real-time video surveillance plays a big role in doing just that.

Multi-Family structure live monitoring solutions

A multi-family living establishment, such as an apartment complex, has a lot of walls, parking lots, entryways, and exits to cover. With that many surveillance cameras spaced out across the apartment complex, it makes things like petty crime and event-tracking difficult to manage. With live monitoring, however, each instance of suspicious activity can be monitored, tracked (with Pan-tilt-zoom cameras), and acted on.

In our experience, multiple instances and types of crime can be drastically reduced, if not stopped entirely, by installing a quality video surveillance system and utilizing live, real-time monitoring. It’s a smart move for any apartment complex or other multi-family living campus.

How multi-family live monitoring works

  1. Security cameras are placed in multiple locations around the complex to monitor various common areas and potential problem spots
  2. Those security cameras are tied into our live monitoring facility, where a technician can continuously watch for suspicious behavior.
  3. When our technician spots potential crime, distress, or odd behavior, they notify the authorities, as well as the contact for the facility, and attempt to track the suspicious parties with pan-tilt-zoom cameras (if installed).
  4. All surveillance video is reviewed for additional information, then retained for future review or evidence
  5. VVS multi-family live monitoring facility

Professionally trained technicians, with real industry experience, monitor your video feeds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, waiting for that moment when they can help save your property and/or tenants from harm or danger. Their goal is to help you decrease crime and suspicious activity as much as possible, and they have an anonymous, secure, and leading edge facility to do it from.

More live monitoring facility features